We have had many asking how the current health crisis has affected the LivingWell Clinic.  As I am sure you know, the last several weeks have been a challenging time, but we continue to adjust to the needs of our patients and community in the midst of a historic pandemic.

We first need to thank our generous partners like you for the sacrifices you have made to support our mission as we work hard to bring Hope and Healing to our community by being the hands and feet of Jesus!  We make every effort to manage what you give us with wisdom and sound financial principles, to accomplish the goal of changed lives. Thanks to all our generous partners we are able to offer $28.00 of service for every dollar received.

Even with this tremendous return on the dollar year-to-date, we are just keeping up with expenditures and have a little cash reserve.  We continue to pay our Executive Director, but the remainder of our healthcare providers and staff are gracious volunteers who share of their time and expertise that we could not survive without.  As part of our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our clinic hours are not currently being used for traditional face-to-face visits. This is due to a lack of appropriate personal protective equipment and in an effort to protect our patients and volunteers. However, we continue to meet our community and patients’ needs by phone, whether it be prescription refills, monitoring chronic medical conditions, or responding to acute needs.

You may be asking, what does the future look like for LivingWell Clinic? One thing this pandemic has shown us is the greater need and opportunities available to us through the use of telemedicine. While there is an added cost to offering this service, we are evaluating it and the opportunities to leverage it for our mission of offering hope and healing to the people of Greene County and beyond.  We feel that perhaps God designed these times to push His people to take advantage of technology that they hadn’t before, in order to reach people who wouldn’t have been reached otherwise.  These services would be in addition to our traditional care, as it will not disappear in the challenging months and years ahead.

As we get beyond the stay at home order, we anticipate God will bring a whole host of people through our doors because of new medical needs, unemployment and a host of other issues they have been reluctant or unable to address.  With that being the case and looking at our current finances we are praying for current and new partners to help us meet the medical and spiritual needs that we come across.  We will keep you updated as this unprecedented time continues.  Please pray with us that God will continue to provide for our financial and volunteer needs, as well as what part God might be calling you to play in our mission of offering hope and healing.

Thanks again for your generosity!

The Board of LivingWell Clinic

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