What a great time at the Keys of Hope Conference!!

“After his words, I’ve taken a very deep breath for the first time in ages.”

“I’ve never heard that said like that and it was like a light turning on.”

“Just trying her technique right now, I’m already relaxing.”

“What a comfort to hear about suffering in that context!”

“This has been such a blessing and I cannot wait to bring friends with me next year!”

These are just a few of the things we heard throughout the day on Saturday as we held our very first Conference on Mental Health hosted by Impact Xenia & Living Well Clinic.  A very diverse crowd attended, including pastors, lay people, mothers, fathers, the old and young, and more!  What a blessing to hear about mental health from a Biblical Perspective from counselors, pastors, and medical practitioners!  So many resources were shared, hearts were encouraged, and it really was a joyful time as we equipped, encouraged, and educated!  Make sure to follow our social media and newsletters for next year’s conference!  

It takes a diverse group of healthy and engaged businesses to impact a community for good. Through our partnerships with business professionals and their organizations, we offer opportunities for collaboration that bridge the gaps of partnership with other aspects of our community such as the health education and the faith sectors.  

Recently we were able to facilitate connection and conversation with community pastors and other community stakeholders from all 4 of our initiative areas for a dynamic development company as they sought to find out how they could best serve and help to improve the health and happiness of area residents as they designed plans for our community.

We believe that without God and His engaged faith community, there is no way for us to accomplish community transformation. Our goal is to assist in facilitating and empowering churches to support and participate in the great things happening in their communities.  

Impact is already heavily involved in this area with long-standing relationships with local pastors, faith communities, and parachurch organizations helping in whatever way we can to assist with education, connection, and improve community impact.   Ultimately our sole purpose in all we do is to see the kingdom grow in our region as we all work together to share, love, and serve others as the Lord commands us to do.

We are excited to announce that Impact Xenia is the new Implementing Partner in Greene County for CarePortal!  CarePortal “connects people who can help with people who need help. Right now, in real time.”

How this works:

  1. A child or family in need requires or requests help from a child-serving professional.
  2. Then the child-serving professional vets the need and types the need into CarePortal.
  3. Next, the CarePortal implementer (i.e., Impact Xenia) alerts nearby churches and community members to the needs
  4. Finally, churches and community members partner to ensure that the child and family are helped!

Impact Xenia staff is going through training with CarePortal now, but soon we will be reaching out to local churches, businesses, and community members to invite them to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to minister to families right here in our community!!

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