Time for Mental Health.  

We are hearing about mental health a lot these days.  As a result of the recent pandemic, it has come to the forefront of our conversations.  People are struggling, and those who suffer or have loved ones who are suffering, often don’t know where to start in finding answers.  

The Keys of Hope Conference on Mental Health is just that.  A place to start.  We feel it is so important to have this educational resource for our community.  We have several speakers sharing about handling change, speaking about healing habits, and talking about our physical health.  We will also have resource tables from various entities with information on how to start treatment, what is available in our area, community support, and more!  

We are also offering a student discount to high school and college students who want to participate!  It’s coming up quickly on Saturday, October 14 so register now!

[If the cost is prohibitive, please email us at amy@livingwellclinic.org and we can set up a sponsored ticket for you!]

If you would like to sponsor an attendee, click THIS LINK!

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