Welcome to Living Well Clinic

Living Well Clinic is a charitable health clinic that provides no-cost healthcare to the medically needy of the Miami Valley. While providing compassionate medical care to the whole person, we desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ who brought healing to both the physical and spiritual needs of those he met. This is accomplished through a team of dedicated health professionals who provide quality medical care to those they see.

There are over 16,000 people in Greene County alone who have no form of health insurance or are under-insured. You know them. They are single moms, struggling families, laid off workers, and young adults who cannot afford medical coverage. When they get sick or injured they have no place to turn and no hope for quality care without excessive expenses. Living Well Clinic is a place they can find hope and healing as our medical ministry not only treats people but points them to know our source of hope, Jesus Christ, the Great Physician.

Our bright waiting room welcomes you in when you walk through our doors!

BBQ Party Fundraiser & Update!

Hope and healing at Living Well! At Living Well Clinic, our mission is to share the love of Christ through free health care for those in need.  Here is one of our stories. A patient we will call "Dale" is uninsured had felt ill for some time.  He was scared to go to...